Paradigm Shift

The War On Common Sense

Everytime I hear the phrase “common sense” I roll my eyes. Anyone who knows me can tell you that rolling my eyes is my most favorite exercise. Why do you ask, do these two words envoke this reaction from me? Because there is no such thing. Allow me to elborate (please).

The word common. Common for whom? For who? For what? Most people I know think common sense is a no-brainer, something everyone knows. Knows implies “knowledge” which means you would have had to learn this fact, that is common. Therefore, how can it be deemed common if you have to learn it. Realization would be you could not. That it should be “learned knowledge”. But, that does not have the same ring does it? Because, then it implies someone has to learn, which gives them an excuse, an out, a way to explain why they don’t know what the whole world does! (now a breath). Does that make sense to you? Am I really coming out of left field here?

I really do no think so. My dad used to say, “You don’t get common sense till 20”, Science states the brain does not finish forming till about 25. But, we tell teens, and younger than 20 they need common sense. Are you really kidding me right now? I think maybe we need to say, “You need to gain knowledge, and learn how to apply it. AKA Wisdom”.  That would tell the person whomever they are, where the problem is, and how to find it.