Paradigm Shift

And the band played on….

The title of this post is a nod to an HBO Movie which chronicled the early response of health officials to the AIDS epidemic. It seemed very fitting.

The world changed, in an instant, where were you? Were you sleeping, drinking coffee, or looking to the stars? What did you do as the world ground to a halt? Did you press your face to the screen and watch the riots (ok, so there have not been any yet, nor do I think there will be but, but some think it’s inevtable) ? Did you join the stampede for toilet paper? I didn’t press my face to the phone, but I watched with tears. I watched the fear play out in loved ones and, on TV. In the middle of it, I myself got sick. Not with Covid-19, I assure you.

So far, we are in the first real week in the US to this. I do not live in a heavily outbreak city. I left my house today to pick up a prescription, and a few other things I noticed that my town at least seemed to be operating on Sunday hours. Then is stuck me. All the precaution, drive thru and carryout only. Hours from 8am to 8pm, it seems we have slipped back to a slower time in our culture.

What does this really mean? Well it means you can go bat shit crazy and buy into all the hype, or you can take deep breath and try (mind you I said try) to take things as they come. One step in front of the other. The biggest take away for this? Try not to live in fear. Educate yourself on all the possibilities, ask questions, and for all that is holy RESEARCH. Please, I beg you, never accept something someone even the media says blindly. Look and 3 or 4 websites, of conflicting and contrasting opinion and form your own opinion. Never accept an opinion of someone else. If you do, I will be asking you, are you kidding me ;)!