COVID-19, Paradigm Shift

Fast Breaking News Story

How many times in our lives have you personally witnessed this claim? It’s meant to get our notice, and well to capture our attention. But, what news story is not fast breaking? It wasn’t news then it was! Simple as that right?

I have watched the last few months as things have gone from nothing, to caution, to out right panic. Why? Because someone told you to panic. But, should you? I am not so sure. I think you should always have a few extras on hand in case of a storm, emergency, or just for a sense of security. That is just my opinion, take it as you want it. My grandparents grew up in the depression and they pushed a deep sense of holding on to things that could be repurposed and re used. Have I always done so? Nope, I have tried to minimize and, not have all the “stuff”. Now, however, I realize it’s got to be a balance.

A balance between border and minimalist, a careful tightrope of one over the other. Just enough to feel secure, but not enough to make anyone think you are stockpiling to go into business for yourself to gouge. If you want my advice, it’s simple!

Love those around you, reach out to your friends, communicate, and educate yourself on what is going around you. I’m a researcher, you cannot believe one news case that says the world is going to end. IF you want my thoughts on this, If 1 million get infected (right now it’s at 200,000), then that is less than 1% of the population. We are all working from home on furlough etc, to STOP billions from getting it, not because it’s deadly (Edit: High risk coulde deadly, i’m not saying not relax all the way). Read that last again. So please take precautions and not FREAK out. This is a responsible moment not a panic mode. Here are a few links to help you see this COVID-19 for what it is. If I see you freaking out after reading these links, I will ask you “Are you kidding me?”


John Hopkins

Wold Health Org