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Monday Musing- Hot day in June

Well, I guess I cannot deny it any longer. Summer WEATHER is here. It’s Kansas City in Summer which means one thing, humidity. Thank the ever living LORD for A/C. Honestly, it makes this time of year bearable. Knowing you can go play out in the heat and, then can jump into a nice cool home. Not, everyone has A/C some people have to brave the heat, and my prayers are with them. Weather can be so dangerous without looking dangerous you know what I mean?

You think August as the hottest days, and that is not true. Whenever all that southern heat decides to invade us northerners it gets uncomfortable. I know my Oklahoma and Texas friends are looking at my post thinking that I don’t know what true heat misery is. Nope I do not and I dun wanna.

I wanna be cool, I love snow! I like Fall, Spring and Winter. All right, I like Summer and the warmth a lot more than I used to. I liked it when I was a kid when I could stay in a pool 24/7 and keep cool that way. That was always the best part of being a latch key kid at the Nor Valley YMCA (gone now but not forgotten). Oh, what was I talking about? Summer, right!

OH I took a summer pic this morning, no makeup but, otherwise pretty cool I think, yea i need to get the brows tamed a bit, maybe! But the point is that i’m here and healthy enough to post. Sometimes I miss that, I want perfection, and that is just not a reality! Self love #loveme