Paradigm Shift, Really, Did I just go there? Yup, I did!

And she grew

I looked out on my days, and saw that their were many. Many different kinds of days, some good some bad. But they were pretty even in distribution of good and bad. So why is it I recall more of the bad things than the countless good ones?

I think as a race humans focus on what stops us, what we trip on and those things that constantly get us down. Those things that keep us from enjoying the wonderful things around us. We literally say “Stop this is bad , now wallow in it” rather than the “Omg that’s bad get it away from me”. We want to understand where we went wrong, or were wronged so we can not feel that way again.

A lot of the time though, we get caught in that “wrong” we forget to learn. We sit down on the stump of pain and refuse to get up because we are afraid the next feeling or situation will be worse than this stump, and this stump did not kill us so why should we move? You don’t feel that way? It’s just me? Are you kidding me, come on you know you feel this way too.

It’s hard to get up, get over, crawl our of that disgusting pit of pain and heartache, but now that you know heartache, pain and the like you will seriously treasure and savor all the good relationships that come your way. You will hold on a bit tighter to those you have, those feelings you have , well as long as you let the pain and suffering go.

Pain and suffering are meant to teach us what NOT to do. They are only supposed to be felt BRIEFLY , not forever. I so miss this sometimes. I get down there and figure there is nothing else, no one else, and that life can never get better. But, I have a bunch of people and family around me who remind me just how wonderful life really is.

Lesson: Let pain be something temporary and small and something grasped then dropped, not something clung to as it is life.

Someday I’ll be a grown up, just not today =^.^=

Paradigm Shift, Really, Did I just go there? Yup, I did!

I miss my friend…

You know I have a friend of mine who has gone through some bad times latley. Let me tell you about them. First, he was born to a poor family. A religious family, but very poor. He learned and he grew up. This friend of mine thought that people would be better off if they just loved each other. If they were just, you know decent. That is the kind of life he leads. He just wanders and touches peoples lives trying to make them just a little better. It’s just who he is. Well, the town he lives in is in the Bible Belt and they have very strict rules of what you can and cannot do, and they expect everyone to live by them, if not you get in serious trouble. They still have no stores open on Sunday, they all just go to church and go home.

My friend is not like that, he wants to help people no matter what day of the week it was. He pulls people together to work on Sunday. This church hates this idea and they have started to plot against him. My friend doesn’t seem to care he just keeps doing what he does. Helping people and loving them. No one can get him to understand that the church is out to get him, my friend is so unconcerned with the trouble he is in.

Well this past Friday, the church got with the local sheriff and arrested the man. While he was in custody, he was beaten and beaten badly. He was whipped and spit on, mocked and made fun of. The church leaders were a part of this abuse and condoned it. They were so sick of my friend trying to change things, especially on Sunday. In the end, they killed him. His broken, bloody, welted, ripped body was given to bury. No human being should ever have to endure this kind of torture. My friend did. I miss him so much. I can still hear him talking in my ear. He says, “Just love them. They need it more than anyone else.” He’s right of course these people who killed my friend need love.

My friend died because he loved someone other than himself. My friend died because he cared about someone else’s suffering. My friend died because he cared more about loving someone than the “rules” that would stop something as great as love.

It’s not fair, but then again life isn’t fair is it?  As I ask, “Are You Kidding Me?”, the question is, have you heard of my friend? Do you know who he is?