Paradigm Shift

Put your left foot in, Pull your left foot out…

Okay, so maybe you will have the hokey-pokey in your head for a while, but that is how I feel. Let me explain.

I adore magazines, all of them! I have probably a foot tall pile every month. It’s my chakra, my relaxation. It is just “my thing”. I will play a wonderful movie and flip pages for hours. Here is where my feet come into play. I feel like I need to go to all digital editions, and give up my paper. One foot in the present and one in the past. I cannot help it, I’m so conflicted!

I don’t use DVD’s (I have streaming from my cable provider, hulu, amazon prime, apple movies, and Netflix!), so I’m hip deep in the present for that. Although if I cannot access my subscriptions I get a bit grouchy! But, to give up my Magazines?? I am not sure I possess the willpower. I have the online versions too, but I still relax with paper. There is just something about flipping those pages. What is a girl to do?

P.s. I don’t throw them away, I did once, it was horrible I sent boxes to the recycle bin, I cried. I just cannot do it. If you ever need a 2014 Vogue I’m your girl! Sometimes, I think that we have become a bit too digitized and we need to be more hands on with things. Well that and I cannot make myself part with them 😉

Xoxo Wendy

Really, Did I just go there? Yup, I did!

Chain Letters

When I was younger, okay when I was young (I’ve said it). I received a letter in the mail (yes, snail mail). The only part of it I remember was, “Copy this letter and mail in the next two days or you will meet and untimely end”. I thought self, “Are they kidding me?”, myself said ask your momma.

So I toddled off and asked my momma about this letter I got. You know what she did after she stopped laughing at me? She told me to tear it up, that I would meet my end when it was time to meet my end and no letter was going to stop it. Good advice right? I did tear that letter up, after a week of safe keeping.

Well….. FAST forward to my facebook feed, (see you knew where I was going with this didn’t you?) and what do you find? Share this, repost that, no one will like this, no one will like that. It’s gotten to be a big dare. I truly think that there are those people in the world who are petrified not to re-post something. I think that they sit there thinking, “If everyone else likes this and I don’t does that mean people will think I hate it?” I participated in it last night myself. Everyone is talking about female sexual abuse, and posting #MeToo. Well it applied to me, and I didn’t not want to participate (yes, I realize it’s a double negative, maybe a triple), and I wanted the world to know that they were not alone that it was ME TOO. Oh Boy, I sense a pattern. Even if it is a GOOD cause, even if it is a JUST and wonderful meaning, it’s the same thing. Be a part of the crowd, blend in. Err, umm stand up and be counted (oh boy :-/),

It’s the same thing as a chain letter. Your either afraid not to, or you think what can it hurt? Yup, been there myself. Well been, I try not to enable bad facebook feeds anymore, after all we all have to do our part. Starting now right, after all it’s good to have goals. But, I will be honest, I will probably jump in there again to be apart of something that strikes my chord, hits my heart, or in some other way pulls me to act. Wouldn’t you?

(And no I’m not knocking the #MeToo campaign, I do believe in it very much, but if the cliche fits, own it kinda thing)