Paradigm Shift

When is enough?s

How many times in your life have you decided how you were and what you were doing were just not how you should be? How many times in your life have you decided to change that? Lots, once? For me, it’s LOTS. Every time I turn around I get, you should do this not that. Be like this, not that. That is not healthy stop it! I’m at the point that I really am saying, “Are you kidding me”?

I watched Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle yesterday and it made me think, it had a reoccurring theme. One life, just one. We all have just one life. I am always kicking myself for the things I think I should be doing, places I should be going, and the habits I should be breaking, but don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made a lot of progress. I quit smoking, I’ve lost a little poundage, made a few baby steps into being a social butterfly. Point is while I’m kicking my own butt, I really am quite okay. And, that is what we all want to be, okay.

I made the Deans list last semester, and it almost killed me. But, I did it and it’s going on my resume. Along with being an honor society Greek girl. I think my problem is I don’t stop long enough to evaluate where I have come from. I think my problem is I’m so focused on getting to the finish line, looking ahead, I don’t appreciate the journey.

That journey is the point. And, I will tell you I’m not digging it. I am kicking my own butt, and being horrible to everyone (sorry btw), and just being miserable. So, sigh… chalk up another habit that needs to go the way of the dodo. It’s okay though, This might be a fun one to break. I posted a picture of Wednesday Adams as my spirt animal yesterday, it was meant to make people laugh. But, it’s true, I do not smile, and that needs to change, soon. Maybe not today, but slowly I will do this.

Does anyone else have this issue? Or, is it just me?

😉 Loves and Kisses,

This is my happy face …. for now 😉