Really, Did I just go there? Yup, I did!

Ah yes, another road rage story

Let me tell you what happened yesterday to me on my way home. I was heading down a pretty busy street when the person in front of me stopped suddenly, I looked over and saw I could fit in the lane next to me and dodged over into that lane quickly. It was exhilarating, to say the least, there was just enough room, and when I say just enough room, I mean like an inch. I was so scared. I calmed myself and continued to drive down the tree-lined streets.

Now, what I didn’t know was this little SUV behind me, you know with the inches between her/him and me. I had apparently scared, irritated, insert your own adjective here. Now it’s spring, I love trees so I’m clearly oblivious to their anger. Also, I have to point out that the truck in front of me was doing JUST the speed limit. While that did not bother me in the slightest, it might have made this situation worse.

Anyway, I get a bit further on my route and I move into another lane. This SUV speeds past like it’s on fire and I’m wondering if the truck and I have delayed it and I start to wonder if maybe that car is angry. But, what people think of you is none of your business right? So I have to get behind this SUV for a few blocks.

Here is where it gets interesting. We pull to a light I need to turn at, right? I move to turn and I look up to see this driver is giving me the finger. See I know it was meant for me because there was no one else around. That got me thinking.

I continued to drive down through tree lines streets thinking, I drove 2200 miles in the last, through five states, AND Atlanta and no one had ever even honked at me. Here on my way home in my own city, I’ve pissed someone off. How retched!!

To the person I irritated, I’m sorry it was not my intention!

To everyone else, this situation has made me pause. Sure I’ve had a lot of road rage in my day. I have combat driven as well, but not perfect. But, when I’m in those situations I really do not think about the other person. Did they mean to cut me off? Are they blocking me for a reason? What is their motivation? The next time I’m in this situation I kid you not, I am going to attempt to put myself in their shoes and see if maybe something unrelated to me is going on. And give them a bit of MERCY and try not to get mad.

Let’s face it I’m not going to succeed all the time, but at least my heart is in the right place, right?

Really, Did I just go there? Yup, I did!

If you are going to ride . . .

Oh yes let’s talk about driving. Specifically this evening I would like to tell you of an incident that happened this morning. I had pulled off the exit ramp to make my turn to go to work. I was stopped and, I looked up in to my rear view mirror.

Do you know what I saw? A man’s nose hairs. I kid you not, this van was so close to my back bumper I could see his nose hairs in my rear view mirror, true story. Okay, well maybe not all his nose hairs but I could make out every detail on his face. Fact was he was too close, and you know what that made me think? “Are You Kidding Me?”, “Going to fast much?”

It’s monday new course and this is all I have for today 😉