Paradigm Shift

When you see lights….

This morning I was trying to get onto the Interstate to go to work. There appeared to be an accident ahead. Everyone was stopped or going very slowly. To be expected right? Well, first I saw a motorcycle cop coming and I pulled a bit out the way and stopped. I also noticed that there was an ambulance, and fire truck not far away. So, I did what I thought was right and kept myself still.

Apparently, the person behind me thought that was the wrong move, they began blaring their horn at me. I’m sitting there thinking, “Are You Kidding Me?”. Clearly there are people ahead who are in need of help. And, help is trying to get to them. However, it seems that getting on with their life was more important.

You know, as I sat in traffic and waited to get by the accident, (which was quite bad and prompted a few prayers and a Hail Mary as Ms. Ragusa always taught me) I thought about other times where I was the one wanting to get by and get on with my life, with little or no patience, and my hand on the horn. I then told myself, Self! You’ve gotta stop that. There is more than just you in the world. It’s a nice thought, but I doubt I’ll always remember this, usually I am in a mad fire rush to get …. um… to get… somewhere!

Eye-opening way to work. The total time I spent in the back up was about 10 minutes, and I was not late to work. But, I understand the frustration of that person behind me with the horn. We all just want to move along, and get where we need to get. And, we think that everyone should just do the same? I’m not alone here right??? There are other people who are not horrible humans they are just very focused on getting to work, school, or wherever they need to get right???