Cuteness, My Favorite Things, Paradigm Shift


I kid you not that is what I chose, or chose me depending on your prespective. I decided that I would be a Gran Gran, it happened the first time my little grandson was at my house. I looked down at him and didn’t miss a beat saying, “Gran Gran loves you”.

I think most affection names happen that way. Out of the blue and totally without provacation. You just “know”. You just understand you are not just you anymore. That your life has now affected something profound. I am not mearly a mother. I am a mother of a mother. It baffles me still and hits in the marrow of my bones the consequence of that action. That action I had to have a child, and now that child has grown to have a child, and I get to be a part of that. This makes me smile.

I think the fiber of my being understands the most awesome responsiblity that I am now given. This magnificent little child will need me for the rest of his born days to love him, without question, understand him faults and all. And, to get that he too is a human being. I think that is the hardest part of it. As a parent or grandparent. Realizing that this miracle of joy is human.