What a great day!

What An AMAZING Saturday

There is so much to tell, such a wonderful day!

I started early at a friend’s house making bookmarks with pressed flowers they all turned out so well. I met some new ladies and got to hang out with mah friends. It was a bit nerve-racking getting the flowers to stay in the right place but, it worked out so well!

While on the way home, The hubs say’s HEY! there is a British Car show at Crown Center, let’s go. I thought, that is a great idea so away we go!!

Zoom like the pic? I loved these cars!!!

Okay, so we walk down there and really enjoy the cars! The grandson thought they were really cool. And were we done? NOPE, we decided to walk the Link (a set of over-street bridges that connect Crown Center with Union Staton). Once at Union Station, we hop on the KC Streetcar and head North.

Yeah it was hot!

We rode the streetcar all the way to the City Market (KC River Market) and we had a lot of fun, we saw Spiderman (there is a nice guy who dresses up as Spiderman and thrills the kids it’s pretty awesome) https://www.instagram.com/kcspiderman/ if you are interested!

Then while there, we got a bit hungry and thirsty, which brings me to our next picture

Rooster Nachos & Blue Long Island Iced Tea
Yea this place!!!

Okay, after that we hopped on a very full streetcar and headed back the way we came.

OH WAIT I forgot about the heart, yup another pic VV right there.

In front of Steamboat Arabia

Then we headed back and walked the link to Crown center, and did a bit of shopping! We were in Function Junction (every time I hear that I’m transported back to my young days and Sat Morning School House Rock, function junction what’s your conjunction) ANYWAY, while in there the grandson knocks a table, and bam, tumblers go to the floor, and a lid cracks. So, I buy it! I think it will be my favorite cup ever. They couldn’t find the straw that went with it, it went walkabout when he knocked it over. I didn’t care I have TONS of straws 😀

It’s pink! And I gave it a Starbucks swirly straw

https://www.facebook.com/fjculinary if you are interested, they have been in business for over 40 years and they are local, AND they are a woman-based business. They have all kinds of cool events too. You should go!

HAHAHAHA no, we’re not done.

We jumped in the car and headed south braving the new tracks for the streetcar @janolin we went past your old house it hasn’t changed.

And, we ended up at the Plaza. Did I mention it was HOT? Boi oh BOI!

We walked around saw two more hearts

Over by Bistro
In front of Made By KC, I missed the one in front of Barnes and Noble

After that we went to the laundromat (dryer broke new one due 7/28/22 fingers crossed) and dinner! We also liberated some clearance plants from Walmart they looked better after watering!!