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And the world changed

While the changes in the world right now are pretty dramatic they are what we are used to, they are not new. I’m going to analyze a couple things that have happened in the world, to maybe bring someone somewhere relief.

In my memory the gas shortage in the 70’s is a vague memory. I remember my mom looking for gas and I remember things being tight. That incident at that time seemed to be earth shattering. People had to learn how to live for the next 20 years going 55 instead of 70.

In the 80’s and early 90’s the AIDS epidemic swept through and changed how people live their sexual lives. It was a very scary and fearful time. At first, we had no idea what was going on, who was affected, and honestly everyone was dying. The world changed how they donated blood, received blood, and they protected themselves a little better.

9/11, changed America for ever. We changed how we travelled becoming what we thought was safer. We are now more vigilant with our personal information.

COVID-19- The world changed again. What impacts are going to be felt are really not known right now. It’s all too new. Testing, isolation, quarantine, personal space, what do you think the impact will be? What do you think is the major change?

Regarless we WILL get through this, and honestly I only highlighted a few things from my lifetime, I did not talk polio, or smallpox or other world wide pandemics where the world changed. This post is my vain attempt to put things into perspective.

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To plan or not to plan, that is the question..

How about something a bit, different today? i currently have about 6 planners in active use. Before you say WTF, or are you nuts allow me to explain. It really is an endearing story that started about a year ago. I had been messing with planners for as long as I can remember. I need to have a calendar in front of me so I have some grip on what is going to happen when. I am a very born organized person who has been wayward over the last um 15 years. When your a clean freak and you are raising 4 kids you learn to let go of your perfection. Not as soon as I would have liked, but you do learn to let go. Now, eh I have books piled everywhere, hobby supplies here and there, and loving mementos all over the place. Oh yeah, 7 planners, let me get back to that.

I got my first happy planner a few years ago, but really only began to understand my HP a year ago. A couple of friends loaded me down with supplies and I bought more and, I have been Happy Planning ever since. But, why 7? Well, they are just what those of us who love stickers, paper crafting, pens, colors, etc. need. I shall explain mine and then you can call me crazy, or just join in the fun.

One- is my command planner, I keep general loose items in it just the basic strokes so I know what is going on where. 2nd is a gratitude planner where I just write a word or a phrase everyday that makes me happy. Third, I have one that I write, a verse, a thought, an inspirational thought. Four, is the keep track of birthdays, I am terrible at this so this is my vain attempt to get better. 5, is my faith planner, where I write nuggets of my faith and what i’ve learned, One is an Erin Condren planner in Wonder Woman that I am trying out. So far I love it. and the last one, is a task driven one I’m trying to keep track of what I do. See it all sounds reasonable right?

Well it does to me and that is all that matters ;P ! I also love stickers, and I love to decorate with them. True those who know me know that I tend Not to use the stickers I buy, and that I tend to collect them, but I am getting a lot better about really using them. I firmly believe that people who can decorate something with colors and objects that make them smile are a lot happier than those who just um don’t?

Oh, I forgot, I also have a digital planner on my GoodNotes, well… I use that one to cortical my days since the Covid-19 really started taking pictures once a day, etc. I find it fun. All these things I am doing are taking time. Time i’m not obsessing about the news, or freaking out about how the world changed. It changed and i’m here, so i’m going to have the best life I can! Are you really kidding me? What else can we do?

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What will they say in 100 years?

What will history say about us anyway? Will they call us crazy? Full of Hysteria? I’m not so sure. I love history so I have to think, what did people but up in the past? Where there any toilet paper shortages? How about medicines? I don’t recall, so either one of two things much be true, it really was not that big of a deal, or the epidemic was what history remembers not the hysteria of those involved. I can hope right?

This is my third post in a week and, I must say i’m on a roll don’t you think? Throwing and spitting out ideas like I used to twenty years ago, if you knew me then. I always had a nieve approcah or a gullible plan. I’d like to think i’ve grown, but in all seriousness I probably have not learned much. I’m still WAY to trusting with a huge heart. But, I have learned that block and Ignore bring a real kind of peace. It took a long time to come to terms with sins of the past, and to let go of demons that have twisted me inside and out since childhood.

I would like to say that i’m better now, but i’m not. I am wiser than I used to be, and more kind. So what is my point? I think that my point would simple be this, the history books might give a bit of press to the shortages of paper and lysol, but, I don’t think that is going to be the main part. I think the main part will be how the world tried to save lives but taking themselves out of the equation. But, not going out, by staying home you are saving lives. Might be boring, and definitely scary sometimes, but there is a point. To ensure life finds a way, which it always will.


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Fast Breaking News Story

How many times in our lives have you personally witnessed this claim? It’s meant to get our notice, and well to capture our attention. But, what news story is not fast breaking? It wasn’t news then it was! Simple as that right?

I have watched the last few months as things have gone from nothing, to caution, to out right panic. Why? Because someone told you to panic. But, should you? I am not so sure. I think you should always have a few extras on hand in case of a storm, emergency, or just for a sense of security. That is just my opinion, take it as you want it. My grandparents grew up in the depression and they pushed a deep sense of holding on to things that could be repurposed and re used. Have I always done so? Nope, I have tried to minimize and, not have all the “stuff”. Now, however, I realize it’s got to be a balance.

A balance between border and minimalist, a careful tightrope of one over the other. Just enough to feel secure, but not enough to make anyone think you are stockpiling to go into business for yourself to gouge. If you want my advice, it’s simple!

Love those around you, reach out to your friends, communicate, and educate yourself on what is going around you. I’m a researcher, you cannot believe one news case that says the world is going to end. IF you want my thoughts on this, If 1 million get infected (right now it’s at 200,000), then that is less than 1% of the population. We are all working from home on furlough etc, to STOP billions from getting it, not because it’s deadly (Edit: High risk coulde deadly, i’m not saying not relax all the way). Read that last again. So please take precautions and not FREAK out. This is a responsible moment not a panic mode. Here are a few links to help you see this COVID-19 for what it is. If I see you freaking out after reading these links, I will ask you “Are you kidding me?”


John Hopkins

Wold Health Org

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And the band played on….

The title of this post is a nod to an HBO Movie which chronicled the early response of health officials to the AIDS epidemic. It seemed very fitting.

The world changed, in an instant, where were you? Were you sleeping, drinking coffee, or looking to the stars? What did you do as the world ground to a halt? Did you press your face to the screen and watch the riots (ok, so there have not been any yet, nor do I think there will be but, but some think it’s inevtable) ? Did you join the stampede for toilet paper? I didn’t press my face to the phone, but I watched with tears. I watched the fear play out in loved ones and, on TV. In the middle of it, I myself got sick. Not with Covid-19, I assure you.

So far, we are in the first real week in the US to this. I do not live in a heavily outbreak city. I left my house today to pick up a prescription, and a few other things I noticed that my town at least seemed to be operating on Sunday hours. Then is stuck me. All the precaution, drive thru and carryout only. Hours from 8am to 8pm, it seems we have slipped back to a slower time in our culture.

What does this really mean? Well it means you can go bat shit crazy and buy into all the hype, or you can take deep breath and try (mind you I said try) to take things as they come. One step in front of the other. The biggest take away for this? Try not to live in fear. Educate yourself on all the possibilities, ask questions, and for all that is holy RESEARCH. Please, I beg you, never accept something someone even the media says blindly. Look and 3 or 4 websites, of conflicting and contrasting opinion and form your own opinion. Never accept an opinion of someone else. If you do, I will be asking you, are you kidding me ;)!

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The power of words

The power of words is amazing. But, more amazing than the power of words, is that pull, that draws to write them. I have been off school for 4 weeks, and I am having a meltdown. I see things every day that I say, I HAVE TO BLOG THAT! But, because I do not want to come off any weirder than I am presently so I don’t write them. I stuff them in my head in an area labeled, ” Don’t even THINK about posting that”.  Well, you only live once, so I believe you might see me post a bit more. My last post was in September, pathetic!! How will I ever gain millions of followers? Not like that assuredly.

I’ve read blogs, and so many things can make it successful. First, it has to SPEAK to someone. It has to have something meaningful and deep to say. ANYONE, who knows me knows this is something I can do. I have a talent, curse, ability to listen to a conversation and then jump in with a thought that takes it down four rabbit holes, 2 moles holes, and 5 pastures. Usually, sometimes, well I think it’s a valid point and, for some reason, it has to be heard.

Anyone who has been around me any length of time knows that I sometimes overshare. It’s not that I have an innate need to be accepted or liked, or even understood. It is that simply that part of my soul has thrown down a gauntlet and pushed that small ribbon of words out of my mouth. Usually, it is because I think someone else might feel the way I do, but won’t say it? No? Um, I think that the point is valid and might make deep meaningful conversation? No? Ok, okay, the truth is I just feel and it flies out of my mouth. Where does that leave you and me? I have no idea we will see if I put my best foot forward and actually post more.


Much <3,



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The War On Common Sense

Everytime I hear the phrase “common sense” I roll my eyes. Anyone who knows me can tell you that rolling my eyes is my most favorite exercise. Why do you ask, do these two words envoke this reaction from me? Because there is no such thing. Allow me to elborate (please).

The word common. Common for whom? For who? For what? Most people I know think common sense is a no-brainer, something everyone knows. Knows implies “knowledge” which means you would have had to learn this fact, that is common. Therefore, how can it be deemed common if you have to learn it. Realization would be you could not. That it should be “learned knowledge”. But, that does not have the same ring does it? Because, then it implies someone has to learn, which gives them an excuse, an out, a way to explain why they don’t know what the whole world does! (now a breath). Does that make sense to you? Am I really coming out of left field here?

I really do no think so. My dad used to say, “You don’t get common sense till 20”, Science states the brain does not finish forming till about 25. But, we tell teens, and younger than 20 they need common sense. Are you really kidding me right now? I think maybe we need to say, “You need to gain knowledge, and learn how to apply it. AKA Wisdom”.  That would tell the person whomever they are, where the problem is, and how to find it.


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I kid you not that is what I chose, or chose me depending on your prespective. I decided that I would be a Gran Gran, it happened the first time my little grandson was at my house. I looked down at him and didn’t miss a beat saying, “Gran Gran loves you”.

I think most affection names happen that way. Out of the blue and totally without provacation. You just “know”. You just understand you are not just you anymore. That your life has now affected something profound. I am not mearly a mother. I am a mother of a mother. It baffles me still and hits in the marrow of my bones the consequence of that action. That action I had to have a child, and now that child has grown to have a child, and I get to be a part of that. This makes me smile.

I think the fiber of my being understands the most awesome responsiblity that I am now given. This magnificent little child will need me for the rest of his born days to love him, without question, understand him faults and all. And, to get that he too is a human being. I think that is the hardest part of it. As a parent or grandparent. Realizing that this miracle of joy is human.


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Just like that…

This last month has been one of changes. And, this first full week of February has been my adjustment to it.

First and foremost, I’m going to be a Grandma, or maybe I will be a nana, a grams, or even a nana Wendy. I kinda like that, although being a banana might frustrate me at times… lol. I am very looking forward to this change, and my daughter *third youngest even” is looking forward too. I do catch myself asking AYKM?

My job changed. It was not a promotion, it is basically another job. Something I’ve done and I feel I’m really good at. Sales, I know I know people are sitting there shaking their heads at me. But, I love it. I have some wonderful people in my company I’m working with and all the people I call and try to sell to are awesome as well. This is going to be such a wonderful journey I’m sitting back like AYKM, look at that!

Two positive among a lot of ho hum, really bad, and annoying thing and struggles I’m going though. With each lovely thing comes a host of bad things. Change will always show your stretch marks. If you stop to look at them, which um I’m not really wanting to do at this moment, maybe I’ll come back in the weeks to come and annoy you with anger, frustration, and tears. But, for a moment I want to bask in the loving tears of this moment in time.

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Put your left foot in, Pull your left foot out…

Okay, so maybe you will have the hokey-pokey in your head for a while, but that is how I feel. Let me explain.

I adore magazines, all of them! I have probably a foot tall pile every month. It’s my chakra, my relaxation. It is just “my thing”. I will play a wonderful movie and flip pages for hours. Here is where my feet come into play. I feel like I need to go to all digital editions, and give up my paper. One foot in the present and one in the past. I cannot help it, I’m so conflicted!

I don’t use DVD’s (I have streaming from my cable provider, hulu, amazon prime, apple movies, and Netflix!), so I’m hip deep in the present for that. Although if I cannot access my subscriptions I get a bit grouchy! But, to give up my Magazines?? I am not sure I possess the willpower. I have the online versions too, but I still relax with paper. There is just something about flipping those pages. What is a girl to do?

P.s. I don’t throw them away, I did once, it was horrible I sent boxes to the recycle bin, I cried. I just cannot do it. If you ever need a 2014 Vogue I’m your girl! Sometimes, I think that we have become a bit too digitized and we need to be more hands on with things. Well that and I cannot make myself part with them 😉

Xoxo Wendy