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Getting back on the band wagon

So I used to… ever had a day like this? Where you are thinking about that time where you got in shape, where you started something that felt good, and that was good for you?

I have done that … A LOT, and I find myself on this last week of August doing it again. Sure my health isn’t perfect and maybe that is part of it, but really what is at the heart of it, is my soul. My heart, well both

I want to be at peace, so I have started my spiritual journey, made a few other kinds of decisions and today I did one of my favorite things. Swimming. I love to swim, about as much as I love to read, tea or chocolate.

And, boy did it feel good. I so enjoyed it, maybe it is the start of a new trend, maybe not. I am not going to stress myself out trying to figure it out. I am just going to take all of these decisions day by day, rather than putting out goals I know I cannot reach.

I will be sure to let you know how it goes.

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Finally it is fall…

I am not talking about pumpkin spice, oh no. I am talking about window open while cuddling under a electric blanket while reading your latest novel, magazine or even watching TikTok or whatever your vice might be.

I love this time of year it’s one where things start to quiet down and everything turns yellow, orange and red. A time to pause before things get nuts with holiday’s. Lately everything I have been reading, seeing and alerted too tell me to take care of myself. I mean everything.

So I suppose I really have to look into this and what it means to me. I really have no freaking idea how to take care of myself other than trusting my instincts, but i’m sure i’ll muddle though and be better for it. Got any ideas? Drop a line and let me know!

My Favorite Things, Paradigm Shift

If the shoe fits….

Indeed you should buy it in every color, that is the old adage isn’t it? I think it’s perfect. And, for a break of all the death, chaos, anger , etc, I really am going to talk shoes. Women’s shoes at that.

I have a super love of sneakers, I have probably 10 pairs in assorted styles and colors from Chuks to Air’s, I love something that hugs my feet like a pillow. But, I have also come to the conclusion that after this social aggression, I am going to wear SHOES.

I mean sling back, high heeled, wedged bottom, spiked, kitten toting shoes. And, while i’ve always, always worn black, I’m done with the funeral. I am NOW going to sport some color in my wardrobe (trust me that’s another post), and wear shoes that flatter my ten best little digits.

My Grandma loves shoes, she worked in the Kids assembly lines, then later in the shoe dept of Wal Mart. She had probably hundreds of shoes. 7 to a 7 1/2 (i’m a 7 to 8 1/2 I have a high arch and a wide foot.) was her size, and she indeed had tons of colorful shoes. I want shoes like that, and now it’s time to start getting them.

What are you favorites? What was your mom’s favorites? How about your BFF’s favorites, leave a comment below and let me know EVEN if it is a old pair of Kids. And, where does one get wonderful deals on shoes. I DO have to know!! DISH. spill and DM if you need to!!


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And I Relax

With the changes in the world happening so rapidly, there is one thing that was left behind. My magazines, those which were published and mailed before last week. The last little vestige of the time before the flip! I wonder what popular culture will dub this? We have named things after wars, countries they began in. Are we really going to call this the Chinese Virus? Why don’t we call it COVID-19 what it really is? I know that 1918 had the Spanish Flu, and I wonder if there was a stigma then about that name? Polio, I wonder where it started? Smallpox? Going back how about the Black Death, Sweating sickness, or the Neapolitan disease, oops that was named after an area. Makes you wonder.

You ponder that and let me know, I’m going to sit back and relax and read my magazines.

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To plan or not to plan, that is the question..

How about something a bit, different today? i currently have about 6 planners in active use. Before you say WTF, or are you nuts allow me to explain. It really is an endearing story that started about a year ago. I had been messing with planners for as long as I can remember. I need to have a calendar in front of me so I have some grip on what is going to happen when. I am a very born organized person who has been wayward over the last um 15 years. When your a clean freak and you are raising 4 kids you learn to let go of your perfection. Not as soon as I would have liked, but you do learn to let go. Now, eh I have books piled everywhere, hobby supplies here and there, and loving mementos all over the place. Oh yeah, 7 planners, let me get back to that.

I got my first happy planner a few years ago, but really only began to understand my HP a year ago. A couple of friends loaded me down with supplies and I bought more and, I have been Happy Planning ever since. But, why 7? Well, they are just what those of us who love stickers, paper crafting, pens, colors, etc. need. I shall explain mine and then you can call me crazy, or just join in the fun.

One- is my command planner, I keep general loose items in it just the basic strokes so I know what is going on where. 2nd is a gratitude planner where I just write a word or a phrase everyday that makes me happy. Third, I have one that I write, a verse, a thought, an inspirational thought. Four, is the keep track of birthdays, I am terrible at this so this is my vain attempt to get better. 5, is my faith planner, where I write nuggets of my faith and what i’ve learned, One is an Erin Condren planner in Wonder Woman that I am trying out. So far I love it. and the last one, is a task driven one I’m trying to keep track of what I do. See it all sounds reasonable right?

Well it does to me and that is all that matters ;P ! I also love stickers, and I love to decorate with them. True those who know me know that I tend Not to use the stickers I buy, and that I tend to collect them, but I am getting a lot better about really using them. I firmly believe that people who can decorate something with colors and objects that make them smile are a lot happier than those who just um don’t?

Oh, I forgot, I also have a digital planner on my GoodNotes, well… I use that one to cortical my days since the Covid-19 really started taking pictures once a day, etc. I find it fun. All these things I am doing are taking time. Time i’m not obsessing about the news, or freaking out about how the world changed. It changed and i’m here, so i’m going to have the best life I can! Are you really kidding me? What else can we do?

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Life Lessons With Wendy​

These are I kid you not, nuggets that people in my life have taught me. They really are in no order and they are people places things, books, etc. you get the idea.

My Children-

My Oldest – Compassion and a Love for everything

My Middle Oldest – The concept of unconditional love

My Middle Youngest – Passion for everything

My Youngest = You should be gentle and loving to everything around you (including Amazon’s Alexa)

My Husband- Don’t ever give up, even when you think you can handle no more!

RCX- Don’t EVER marry your job, it’s a cheating idiot.

All my best friends, commrades and partners in crime for childhood- Time matters not, distance matters not, the only thing that matters is that you hang on to each other by E-mai, Text, Phone, or Facebook.

My Mother- Never deny yourself something you love, you could die tomorrow and have never enjoyed it.

My Father- Sometimes you have to let them go, and you have to realize they will never return.

My Job now: Boundaries are not just okay they are MANDATORY!

The things that click:

  • -Love everyone, but don’t trust them
  • -You can claw people to you, but that doesn’t mean they will stay
  • -You only have once chance to say anything, make it count
  • -Your reaction to anything is the only thing you really, honestly own. Choose your response wisely.
  • -Shut up and listen (after 46 years i’m still learning this)


I really felt compelled to share things with all of you. This not all of them just some that have been banging in my noggin latley.

❤ me

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I kid you not that is what I chose, or chose me depending on your prespective. I decided that I would be a Gran Gran, it happened the first time my little grandson was at my house. I looked down at him and didn’t miss a beat saying, “Gran Gran loves you”.

I think most affection names happen that way. Out of the blue and totally without provacation. You just “know”. You just understand you are not just you anymore. That your life has now affected something profound. I am not mearly a mother. I am a mother of a mother. It baffles me still and hits in the marrow of my bones the consequence of that action. That action I had to have a child, and now that child has grown to have a child, and I get to be a part of that. This makes me smile.

I think the fiber of my being understands the most awesome responsiblity that I am now given. This magnificent little child will need me for the rest of his born days to love him, without question, understand him faults and all. And, to get that he too is a human being. I think that is the hardest part of it. As a parent or grandparent. Realizing that this miracle of joy is human.


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My Favorite Things….Box By Mail.

I am going to start reviewing my favorite things for you and let you know what is the best thing about them, where you can get them. And, how you can use them. This should be pretty fun because I LOVE freebies and deals. If you want to see my thoughts on something send me a note, and I will be happy to do it.

My favorite is Fab Fit Fun

it is a 49.99 once a quarter box.

When the box comes, it is full of full-size products (no trials which I love). And, they are products that are Fab, and some keep you fit and some are just fun. (I once got a stick version of Charades which is mucho fun!). I’ve gotten blankets, Jewelry (which stood the test of me wearing it every day with no adverse effects). And, of course, beauty products. And if you buy their yearly you save some money, get priority shipping and can customize what comes in your box. Also, most of the products come with coupons when you have to reorder.

I get mine in the next few days. They also have super helpful emails and interesting stuff on their forum. Plus Videos and other fun stuff.

I think it’s a win win

Here is a link Get your box