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Monday Musing- Hot day in June

Well, I guess I cannot deny it any longer. Summer WEATHER is here. It’s Kansas City in Summer which means one thing, humidity. Thank the ever living LORD for A/C. Honestly, it makes this time of year bearable. Knowing you can go play out in the heat and, then can jump into a nice cool home. Not, everyone has A/C some people have to brave the heat, and my prayers are with them. Weather can be so dangerous without looking dangerous you know what I mean?

You think August as the hottest days, and that is not true. Whenever all that southern heat decides to invade us northerners it gets uncomfortable. I know my Oklahoma and Texas friends are looking at my post thinking that I don’t know what true heat misery is. Nope I do not and I dun wanna.

I wanna be cool, I love snow! I like Fall, Spring and Winter. All right, I like Summer and the warmth a lot more than I used to. I liked it when I was a kid when I could stay in a pool 24/7 and keep cool that way. That was always the best part of being a latch key kid at the Nor Valley YMCA (gone now but not forgotten). Oh, what was I talking about? Summer, right!

OH I took a summer pic this morning, no makeup but, otherwise pretty cool I think, yea i need to get the brows tamed a bit, maybe! But the point is that i’m here and healthy enough to post. Sometimes I miss that, I want perfection, and that is just not a reality! Self love #loveme

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There are those days where you get out of bed with great determination and it lasts, and lasts and lasts. Oh wait, you either. Yea I know right! While today was not in the 8th circle of hell it sure the hell felt like we were in Egypt during a plague. Oh wait, we are in the middle of the plague but, we cannot see Egypt from here …… damn….. Maybe, I should start again…

You know when you get up and you think it’s going to be a great day? Oh right, me either.

Okay, realism. You knew you were going to wake up. HA! I got one positive thing there, let’s go for another. You are alive reading this, HA there is two. For the third, how about I am really grateful that you did take time out of your day to read this. I don’t know how many or how few actually read blogs like mine, I don’t give you anything, or make promises. I just try to give some enlightenment, or share what i’m thinking at the time. So, I’m glad you are here, wait, let me rephrase, I’m glad you are over there ;).

Drinks soon!

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To plan or not to plan, that is the question..

How about something a bit, different today? i currently have about 6 planners in active use. Before you say WTF, or are you nuts allow me to explain. It really is an endearing story that started about a year ago. I had been messing with planners for as long as I can remember. I need to have a calendar in front of me so I have some grip on what is going to happen when. I am a very born organized person who has been wayward over the last um 15 years. When your a clean freak and you are raising 4 kids you learn to let go of your perfection. Not as soon as I would have liked, but you do learn to let go. Now, eh I have books piled everywhere, hobby supplies here and there, and loving mementos all over the place. Oh yeah, 7 planners, let me get back to that.

I got my first happy planner a few years ago, but really only began to understand my HP a year ago. A couple of friends loaded me down with supplies and I bought more and, I have been Happy Planning ever since. But, why 7? Well, they are just what those of us who love stickers, paper crafting, pens, colors, etc. need. I shall explain mine and then you can call me crazy, or just join in the fun.

One- is my command planner, I keep general loose items in it just the basic strokes so I know what is going on where. 2nd is a gratitude planner where I just write a word or a phrase everyday that makes me happy. Third, I have one that I write, a verse, a thought, an inspirational thought. Four, is the keep track of birthdays, I am terrible at this so this is my vain attempt to get better. 5, is my faith planner, where I write nuggets of my faith and what i’ve learned, One is an Erin Condren planner in Wonder Woman that I am trying out. So far I love it. and the last one, is a task driven one I’m trying to keep track of what I do. See it all sounds reasonable right?

Well it does to me and that is all that matters ;P ! I also love stickers, and I love to decorate with them. True those who know me know that I tend Not to use the stickers I buy, and that I tend to collect them, but I am getting a lot better about really using them. I firmly believe that people who can decorate something with colors and objects that make them smile are a lot happier than those who just um don’t?

Oh, I forgot, I also have a digital planner on my GoodNotes, well… I use that one to cortical my days since the Covid-19 really started taking pictures once a day, etc. I find it fun. All these things I am doing are taking time. Time i’m not obsessing about the news, or freaking out about how the world changed. It changed and i’m here, so i’m going to have the best life I can! Are you really kidding me? What else can we do?

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I kid you not that is what I chose, or chose me depending on your prespective. I decided that I would be a Gran Gran, it happened the first time my little grandson was at my house. I looked down at him and didn’t miss a beat saying, “Gran Gran loves you”.

I think most affection names happen that way. Out of the blue and totally without provacation. You just “know”. You just understand you are not just you anymore. That your life has now affected something profound. I am not mearly a mother. I am a mother of a mother. It baffles me still and hits in the marrow of my bones the consequence of that action. That action I had to have a child, and now that child has grown to have a child, and I get to be a part of that. This makes me smile.

I think the fiber of my being understands the most awesome responsiblity that I am now given. This magnificent little child will need me for the rest of his born days to love him, without question, understand him faults and all. And, to get that he too is a human being. I think that is the hardest part of it. As a parent or grandparent. Realizing that this miracle of joy is human.



Is Anyone Else Tired?

Ya’ll it is only Wednesday. -kicks a rock- I know I know, I could have kept that fact to myself. I guess at least it is not Monday right?

This week has so far been an emotional battlefield, for just about everyone I know. And, I’m going to be positive, it’ll get better. I wish to point out that you have to know defeat to fully enjoy victory. Nope, I am not kidding you. I’m too tired to kid you ;). So how about some cute cats and we call it a day? My Oliver (Grey) and Olivia (Tortoise).