..And that is that

Okay term over, or it has been since the end of October. Also, something very interesting. I got a couple of comments that I spelled nieve wrong. Thanks! Now, if I could only find the post so I could fix it! (but, I promise I have turned on Grammarly)

I did start a new book, not reading it but writing it. I am only a few chapters in and it’s interesting material. As soon as I am sure I know where I am going I will post an excerpt or two.

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to pack away all those things that are associated with it. I am a bit sad because there are things that I really liked seeing and using. But, I suppose putting them up for another year gives me the space for new decorations. I just hope they do not get misplaced like a bunch of my christmas decorations did last year. I still don’t know where they are! I cannot be the only person that has happened to!

Oh right back to the topic, so what’s next. I think everyone has asked me that, and I’m really not sure. There really is law school or a master’s degree in archival studies.

But, for now, I’m really going to rest and enjoy just being. It took me about 7 years to get my BA. I think I will finish the year reading and relaxing with the grandson. Maybe plotting something new, you never know!!

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