COVID-19, Paradigm Shift

What will they say in 100 years?

What will history say about us anyway? Will they call us crazy? Full of Hysteria? I’m not so sure. I love history so I have to think, what did people but up in the past? Where there any toilet paper shortages? How about medicines? I don’t recall, so either one of two things much be true, it really was not that big of a deal, or the epidemic was what history remembers not the hysteria of those involved. I can hope right?

This is my third post in a week and, I must say i’m on a roll don’t you think? Throwing and spitting out ideas like I used to twenty years ago, if you knew me then. I always had a nieve approcah or a gullible plan. I’d like to think i’ve grown, but in all seriousness I probably have not learned much. I’m still WAY to trusting with a huge heart. But, I have learned that block and Ignore bring a real kind of peace. It took a long time to come to terms with sins of the past, and to let go of demons that have twisted me inside and out since childhood.

I would like to say that i’m better now, but i’m not. I am wiser than I used to be, and more kind. So what is my point? I think that my point would simple be this, the history books might give a bit of press to the shortages of paper and lysol, but, I don’t think that is going to be the main part. I think the main part will be how the world tried to save lives but taking themselves out of the equation. But, not going out, by staying home you are saving lives. Might be boring, and definitely scary sometimes, but there is a point. To ensure life finds a way, which it always will.


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