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The power of words

The power of words is amazing. But, more amazing than the power of words, is that pull, that draws to write them. I have been off school for 4 weeks, and I am having a meltdown. I see things every day that I say, I HAVE TO BLOG THAT! But, because I do not want to come off any weirder than I am presently so I don’t write them. I stuff them in my head in an area labeled, ” Don’t even THINK about posting that”.  Well, you only live once, so I believe you might see me post a bit more. My last post was in September, pathetic!! How will I ever gain millions of followers? Not like that assuredly.

I’ve read blogs, and so many things can make it successful. First, it has to SPEAK to someone. It has to have something meaningful and deep to say. ANYONE, who knows me knows this is something I can do. I have a talent, curse, ability to listen to a conversation and then jump in with a thought that takes it down four rabbit holes, 2 moles holes, and 5 pastures. Usually, sometimes, well I think it’s a valid point and, for some reason, it has to be heard.

Anyone who has been around me any length of time knows that I sometimes overshare. It’s not that I have an innate need to be accepted or liked, or even understood. It is that simply that part of my soul has thrown down a gauntlet and pushed that small ribbon of words out of my mouth. Usually, it is because I think someone else might feel the way I do, but won’t say it? No? Um, I think that the point is valid and might make deep meaningful conversation? No? Ok, okay, the truth is I just feel and it flies out of my mouth. Where does that leave you and me? I have no idea we will see if I put my best foot forward and actually post more.


Much <3,



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