Basic’s, My Favorite Things

Life Lessons With Wendy​

These are I kid you not, nuggets that people in my life have taught me. They really are in no order and they are people places things, books, etc. you get the idea.

My Children-

My Oldest – Compassion and a Love for everything

My Middle Oldest – The concept of unconditional love

My Middle Youngest – Passion for everything

My Youngest = You should be gentle and loving to everything around you (including Amazon’s Alexa)

My Husband- Don’t ever give up, even when you think you can handle no more!

RCX- Don’t EVER marry your job, it’s a cheating idiot.

All my best friends, commrades and partners in crime for childhood- Time matters not, distance matters not, the only thing that matters is that you hang on to each other by E-mai, Text, Phone, or Facebook.

My Mother- Never deny yourself something you love, you could die tomorrow and have never enjoyed it.

My Father- Sometimes you have to let them go, and you have to realize they will never return.

My Job now: Boundaries are not just okay they are MANDATORY!

The things that click:

  • -Love everyone, but don’t trust them
  • -You can claw people to you, but that doesn’t mean they will stay
  • -You only have once chance to say anything, make it count
  • -Your reaction to anything is the only thing you really, honestly own. Choose your response wisely.
  • -Shut up and listen (after 46 years i’m still learning this)


I really felt compelled to share things with all of you. This not all of them just some that have been banging in my noggin latley.

❤ me

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