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My Favorite Things….Box By Mail.

I am going to start reviewing my favorite things for you and let you know what is the best thing about them, where you can get them. And, how you can use them. This should be pretty fun because I LOVE freebies and deals. If you want to see my thoughts on something send me a note, and I will be happy to do it.

My favorite is Fab Fit Fun

it is a 49.99 once a quarter box.

When the box comes, it is full of full-size products (no trials which I love). And, they are products that are Fab, and some keep you fit and some are just fun. (I once got a stick version of Charades which is mucho fun!). I’ve gotten blankets, Jewelry (which stood the test of me wearing it every day with no adverse effects). And, of course, beauty products. And if you buy their yearly you save some money, get priority shipping and can customize what comes in your box. Also, most of the products come with coupons when you have to reorder.

I get mine in the next few days. They also have super helpful emails and interesting stuff on their forum. Plus Videos and other fun stuff.

I think it’s a win win

Here is a link Get your box

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