Paradigm Shift

Just like that…

This last month has been one of changes. And, this first full week of February has been my adjustment to it.

First and foremost, I’m going to be a Grandma, or maybe I will be a nana, a grams, or even a nana Wendy. I kinda like that, although being a banana might frustrate me at times… lol. I am very looking forward to this change, and my daughter *third youngest even” is looking forward too. I do catch myself asking AYKM?

My job changed. It was not a promotion, it is basically another job. Something I’ve done and I feel I’m really good at. Sales, I know I know people are sitting there shaking their heads at me. But, I love it. I have some wonderful people in my company I’m working with and all the people I call and try to sell to are awesome as well. This is going to be such a wonderful journey I’m sitting back like AYKM, look at that!

Two positive among a lot of ho hum, really bad, and annoying thing and struggles I’m going though. With each lovely thing comes a host of bad things. Change will always show your stretch marks. If you stop to look at them, which um I’m not really wanting to do at this moment, maybe I’ll come back in the weeks to come and annoy you with anger, frustration, and tears. But, for a moment I want to bask in the loving tears of this moment in time.

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